I like the fact that I can get a preliminary interview before I come to the hospital, so that I can prepare for the consultation in advance.

I like the fact that I can take a preliminary interview before coming to the clinic and prepare for the consultation in advance.
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Taoka Dental Clinic is a dental and orthodontic clinic located in Kochi Prefecture, Japan.
They provide "easy-to-understand" and "precise" dental treatment to our patients by magnifying the microscopic world using the first dental microscope in Kochi and a small 3CCD camera.

We interviewed Dr. Taoka, the director of the clinic, about the background of the introduction of the Melp web-based questionnaire and how it is uniquely utilized.


- Can you tell us why you decided to implement Melp?

I was introduced to Melp by an acquaintance. When I saw the demo, I thought it was a simple and good system.

- How did you feel after you actually started using Melp?

The main advantage is that I can take a preliminary interview before I come to the clinic.

I like the fact that I can know my past medical history and the medications I am taking in advance, so I can prepare in advance.
Patients' waiting time in the waiting room has also been shortened.

- Well, I see. How does it operate in practice?

We ask patients who have been out of the office for more than 6 months to use the web-based questionnaire for their first visit and also for return visits.

Relatively young patients are asked to fill out a web-based questionnaire. For the elderly, it is more difficult, so we ask them to fill out a paper questionnaire or our staff can fill out the questionnaire on their behalf.
We then print out the questionnaire on paper and write down the findings and treatment directly on the paper.

- So, you don't use the electronic medical record as a link?

Yes, I agree. In our clinic, we found the method of printing out and writing on paper to be smooth.

----- Interview with the staff below -----

- When you first heard about Melp, how did you feel about it?

At first, I thought it would be difficult to create a medical questionnaire. But in reality, it wasn't that difficult once I got used to it.

- How do you feel now that you have actually started using Melp?

I like the fact that the patient's information such as address and phone number is sent to me first, so I don't have to make a medical record.

- Thank you very much. Can you also tell us what we can improve?

Sometimes the same question comes up twice, so I'd like you to fix that.
I see. I think it depends on the way the questionnaire is prepared, so I will check it.

- Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in today's interview.